Mallory Wilson (current owner) with Dianne's founder, Dianne Wilson.


Since 1995, Dianne's has been providing high quality, affordable and customized jewelry to people across the United States.  It's founder, Dianne Wilson, has been the lifeblood of the business, adding her southern charm, love of jewelry and servant's heart to provide people with the absolute best product at very affordable prices.  Dianne, now known as "Didi" to her three grand-children, has entrusted her business and reputation to her daughter-in-law Mallory.  Dianne's will continue to offer the same personal touch, expertise, service and affordability that it always has.

Dianne's is a "Jewelry Concierge," taking a client's specific requests and making them a reality.  And all the while, providing such personalized service at a fraction of the cost of jewelry retailers.